Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Speed Dating

I went speed dating last night.

No, not for a new man... but for new running shoes. I dropped my daughter off at dance and had one hour to find THE ONE. The shoe that I was going to live with for at least the next year. The one that would be with me through all my ups and downs. The one that would fit me comfortably and hopefully help me keep all my toenails!

I went to my running shoe store, Blue Mile, and started trying on shoes. The first shoe I tried on was the Brooks Ghost. I think it was pretty much love at first sight. It fit really well - plenty of toe room and my feet felt great! I currently wear a Puma Velosis but I wanted a lighter shoe. I played around with getting a minimalist shoe and tried on the Brooks Pure Cadence.

I liked it but worried it was going to be too big a change.I tried on about 6-7 other shoes and gave them all a spin on the treadmill. In the end though, I kept going back to the Ghost. I still want to get a lighter shoe but decided I'd get the Ghost for now and think about getting the Pure Cadence as a second shoe in the future.

                                                        my new running shoes

What running shoes do you wear?
Have you tried a minimalist shoe?

Also, my sister-in-law did not have surgery today. Her doctors decided to give the antibiotics a little more time. Thanks for your prayers!

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  1. I love my Saucony Grid but somehow I a running in Mizuno's at the moment. I don't even remember how I decided to buy them but here I am wearing them everyday! So far so good. Going back to Saucony when I wear these out. Will keep praying for your sister in law. Stay strong!