Sunday, February 26, 2017

Training Log 2/19/17 - 2/25/17 - First World Problem of the Week

My first world problem of the week...

I got my April work schedule this week, and I saw it. Carmel Marathon weekend, blank. I didn't ask for the weekend off but I had it off. I'm scheduled to work the weekend before on Easter Sunday and the weekend after which is Derby Marathon weekend, but Carmel Marathon weekend was blank.

My brain started racing. Could I do it? Could I be marathon ready in 9 weeks? The distance was not an issue but if I was going to run a spring marathon, I wanted a Boston qualifying time.

Buoyed by my weekend 10K, I started typing in my 10K time in all the race prediction calculators. It would be close. My current 10K time put me at anywhere between 3:53 and 4:00. It would be very close. But... I reasoned... I have 9 weeks. 9 weeks to improve and build a distance base. Just maybe...

Never mind that my longest run to date was 10 miles. Distance has never been an issue for me. It's the pace. Surely I could get two or three 20-milers in over the next couple weeks, then hit a quick taper...

That was my thinking going into the week.

Sunday 2/19 - Rest. Walked around the mall some with my daughter to loosen up my legs after Saturday's race.

Monday 2/20 - 3 miles on the county road. It was HOT! Almost 70 degrees in February. I didn't feel like running as I was tired from working overnight but it was a beautiful day and I felt like I should get a couple miles in.

Tuesday 2/21 - 6 miles on the hamster track. The temperature was still very nice but it was gray and overcast out and I didn't feel like fighting traffic out on the road so I ran indoors. I didn't really feel like running but once I got started it actually turned into a very good run.

Wednesday 2/22 - 13 miles. I had it in my head that I was going to run 15 miles today.

I missed Run Club on Tuesday because I went to watch my daughter cheer at Center Grove's last away game of the season. I decided to try and combine the speed workout with a long run. Speed work was 2 mile warm up, then 400 x 2, 800 x 2, 1200, 800 x 2, and 400 x 2 with a 400 jog in between each interval. This accounted for the first 8 miles of my run.

I think I would have been fine if I had just stopped there. However, since I had in my head that I was going to run 15 miles, I was running north on the Monon from the Y. Had I run 7.5 miles north, I would have had no choice but to run 15 to get back. Instead though, I turned around shortly after 6 miles because I was still doing the interval portion of the workout then and I didn't feel like sprinting over the overpass on 146th St. After 12 miles, I was just DONE. Like ready to walk back to the Y done. I did run all the way back though, then went south a little ways on the trail to make it 13 even.

Well that did it. After that run I decided I was NOT going to run the Carmel Marathon. 6-10 miles have been enjoyable to me. This was not. I don't want to run 3-4 hours at a time once a week and that would be what I'd have to do to prep for Carmel. Plus, the 500 Festival half is 2 weeks after Carmel. I've run a crappy race at the 500 Festival the last couple times I've done it because I'm always coming off a marathon. I'd really like to train for a half marathon this year. To get a PR on the 500 Festival course would be awesome as this is the race I've run since childhood. That would be the new plan. Once I decided that, I was at peace again.

New spring plan... train for a half PR. I could also run some more road races and work on dropping my 5K and 10K times. If I continued to race over the summer and build some miles I could consider a fall marathon. I also realized that if I ran a fall marathon BQ attempt, that would be for Boston 2019. In 2019 I would be 50 years old on race day. If the BQ standards don't change this year that buys me 5 more minutes and I am convinced I still have faster times in me still.

That's the new plan. Problem solved.

Thursday 2/23 - Rest. I woke up feeling like I'd been run over by a truck.

Friday 2/24 - 1 mile. It was a gorgeous day. 70 degrees. Not kidding! Except, just as I was ready to go out for my run, it started storming... with lightening. Run got moved to the hamster track. Then I felt terrible. Legs were like lead and I was sweating like crazy just 2 laps in. I went for a mile and threw in the towel. Thought I'd try the stationary bike instead. That was no better. Made it a mile then called it a day.

Saturday 2/25 - 7 miles. Remember 70 degrees yesterday? Well, it was snowing this morning. No shit! Went to the hamster track and felt great, like I could run miles and miles. It was a good run.

30 miles this week and a new running plan for the year.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

February Grocery Challenge Days 24 and 25 - Last Weekend of the Month

Friday Feb. 24th
No spending.
Made way too much food for dinner... fried walleye, homemade pizzas, fried pickles (don't ask!)

Saturday Feb. 25th
Spent this morning finishing up some deals at Meijer. I waited until today to shop since they are having a Friday-Saturday sale plus they have an mPerks coupon for 10% off general merchandise so shopped today and got my weekend newspapers there.

My daughter has been asking for some grab-and-go items that she can bring to school for breakfast. I tried making different kinds of muffins but ended up having to throw away half the last batch of apple oatmeal muffins because they didn't eat them fast enough. I finally folded today and bought some pre-packaged food. Since we're trying to eat healthier and most pre-packaged food really is full of sugar, my goal was to find things with less than 10 grams of sugar per serving and a relatively high amount of protein. Meijer had Nature Valley items Buy One, Get One Free today so I ended up getting nut bars and granola cups.

Also in their Friday-Saturday sale was Old El Paso enchilada sauce. It's normally $1.49 but was on sale for $0.88, then I had coupons printed from the Old El Paso website for $1 off 3, making them $0.55 each.

Here's what I ended up with...

4 weekend newspapers @ 1.50 each
4 boxes Nature Valley nut bars @ 2.99 each
2 boxes Nature Valley granola cups @ 3.29 each
6 cans Old El Paso enchilada sauce @ 0.88 each
5 32-oz bottles Powerade @ 0.58 each (also part of the Fri-Sat sale)
2 Evol frozen breakfast sandwiches @ 1.50 each
5 cans Maxwell House coffee @ 2.99 each
1 loaf Aunt Millie's Whole Grain bread @ 1.25
subtotal 51.92
- 0.60 (10% off general merchandise mPerks)
- 6.00 (mPerks reward from previous purchases)
- 5.00 (Buy 5 instant discount on Maxwell House)
- 2.99 (buy one, get one free Nature Valley nut bars)
- 2.99 (buy one, get one free Nature Valley nut bars)
- 3.29 (buy one, get one free Nature Valley granola cups)
- 2 (1.00 off 3 Old El Paso coupons)
- 2 (0.50 off 2 Nature Valley coupons)
- 5 (0.75 off Maxwell House coupons)
- 2 (1.00 Evol coupons)
+0.16 tax
22.46 total paid

The current mPerks reward I am working on is "Earn $6 when you spend $300." The beauty of the mPerks earned rewards is that you get credit for your total spending BEFORE any discounts. Today I got credit for spending $51.92 even though $29.62 of that was covered by coupons, store specials and previously earned mPerks rewards.

Paid $22.46
Breakfast sandwiches were already in the freezer!

Hopefully I won't have to go to the store again until Tuesday. I haven't shopped the Kroger Mega Sale at all the last 2 weeks and they have a couple good deals but nothing I absolutely need. I do, however, want to get chicken breasts there as they are 1.77/lb this week so if I make it to Tuesday without any spending I may buy some fun stuff with what I have left in the budget.

February Grocery Spending: $177.81
February Donation Spending: $18.94

Thursday, February 23, 2017

February Grocery Challenge Days 16-23... Staying the Course

I've done a pretty good job staying out of the store the last couple days due to a combination of not needing anything, working, running, and attending kid's activities. In other words, I was too busy to shop! Not a bad thing...

Thursday Feb, 16th
No spending.
Made chicken enchiladas for dinner.

Friday Feb, 17th
No spending.
Made venison stew in the crockpot for dinner. I had to work in the evening so this way the family could eat whenever they got home.

Saturday Feb. 18th
No spending.
There were no coupon inserts in the weekend paper this week so I didn't buy any papers. I ran a 10K in the morning and was starving by the time I got home. I really didn't want to cook so I was thinking about putting a frozen pizza in the oven when I got home. I was actually overjoyed to find that my daughter had already cooked a frozen pizza by the time I got home.
Days like this are exactly why I have back up frozen pizzas in the freezer!

Sunday Feb. 19th
2 gallons of milk at Aldi for $2.30.
For dinner I pan seared more chicken breasts that I had marinated in a garlic, pepper, onion, soy sauce and sugar combo. Turned out pretty tasty. Had spinach sautéed in sesame oil with a bit of garlic, onion and sesame seeds on the side. Out of chicken now.

Monday Feb. 20th
No spending from the budget.
We had our one restaurant freebie today. Took the family to India Garden for lunch. The kids had the day off for President's Day.

Tuesday Feb. 21st
18.5 lb bag of dog food from Meijer.
$9.99 + $0.70 tax = $10.69 - $5 Meijer coupon (from previous purchases) = $5.69 spent

Pasta with meatballs for dinner.

Steak'n Shake $7.16
I picked up my daughter from cheering at her last away game and she was starving. I didn't feel like making more food at 9:30pm so I buckled and bought her drive-thru.

Wednesday Feb.22nd
No spending.
Turkey burgers for dinner.

Thursday Feb 23rd
I realized that today was the last day of the Kimberly-Clark catalina deal where you could get a $5 coupon off your next purchase at whatever store the catalina printed if you bought $25 of Kimberly-Clark products. Walgreens has a sale on Scott paper towels this week. 6 rolls for $4.99 - $1.00 instant coupon. I am down to my last 2 rolls of paper towels and need some. They also have Cottonelle toilet paper 12 rolls for $4.99 - $1.00 instant coupon. So...

5 6-roll packages of Scott paper towels @ 4.99 each sale price (regularly $6.29)
2 12-roll packages of Cottonelle toilet paper @ 4.99 each sale price (regularly $6.29)
subtotal 34.93
- 7 (1.00 instant coupons)
27.93 (which kept me over the $25 threshold as instant coupons count as store discounts for the catalina)
- 2 (0.55 Scott paper towel coupons from the Kimberly-Clark website)
- 2 (0.55 Cottonelle toilet paper coupons from the Kimberly Clark website)
+2.45 tax on $34.93
-20.00 (redeemed 18,000 Balance Rewards points)
$8.18 paid out of pocket; received $5 Register Reward catalina for my next purchase

Paid $8.18

Next stop was Meijer. Maxwell House coffee cans were on sale for $2.99 with $5 off when you buy 5 participating items. I had a whole stack of $0.75 off Maxwell House coupons because they came out the same weekend I bought 10 newspapers for the Arm & Hammer coupons. I also had 2 days left to spend $9.56 more to get another $6 off your next order mPerks coupon. So...

5 cans of Maxwell House coffee @ 2.99 each sale price (regularly $3.99)
4 Roma tomatoes @ 1.06
subtotal 16.01
- 5.00 instant savings
- 5 (0.75 Maxwell House coupons)
$7.26; earned the $6 off my next order as I got credit for spending $16.01

Paid $7.26

We're having homemade pizzas with turkey sausage, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, sweet peppers and cheese for dinner tonight.

5 more days this month! Can I make my goal of staying under $200? I'm planning to buy my newspapers at Meijer on Saturday as they have 10% off general merchandise this weekend. Also planning on stocking up on more coffee and I have to think up some more meals for the rest of the month.

February Grocery Spending: $155.35
February Donation Spending: $18.94

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Training Log 2/12/17 - 2/18/17 - Mission Accomplished

Sunday 2/12 - Rest. Like really really rest!

Monday 2/13 - 10 miles. It was the perfect day for a run so I decided to do my first double digit run of the year. 10 nice easy miles on the Monon... except for mile 7. See, after 6 miles, I decided I just HAD to know if I could run mile in 8:00. Given last weeks not-so-satisfying speed session, I didn't want any rude surprises on race day Saturday - like What if I tried to run fast and couldn't? What if I couldn't even run an 8:00 mile? So, mile 7 was my "hot lap" - see if I can run a mile in 8:00.

Sure can! Satisfied, I went back to my easy pace and finished the run.

Tuesday 2/14 - 4 miles. Easy shake out run on the hamster track. Legs felt a bit tired from Monday.

Wednesday 2/15 - 6 miles. I missed run club on Tuesday so I did pretty close to the prescribed workout on my own today. Workout was 2 mile warm up, 3 mile steady state run at 85% with 30 second surges every half mile, then 1 mile cool down. I left out the surges since my legs still felt a wee bit tired and I was worried about wearing my legs out too much before Saturday's race since I don't have a great distance base to work with. It was sunny, but cold and really windy. Ran on the Monon. First mile was really stiff but second was OK. Then the steady state...
Mile 1 - 8:25. My goal had been 8:30 pace and this felt easy. I was trying to run a nice controlled pace.
Mile 2 - 8:26. A bit harder but there was also a lot of "slow and go" moments crossing all the streets in Broadripple and I felt thrown off rhythm.
Mile 3 - 8:23. I worked a lot harder than I wanted to for this one. I was actually barely maintaining an 8:28 pace up until the last 0.15 or so of the split so I was surprised it ended up so fast.
Last mile cool down was fine. I'm a bit worried I had to work so hard for that third steady state mile.

Thursday 2/16 - 1600 meter swim. Felt like I should get another workout in this week but wanted to rest the legs some.

Friday 2/17 - Rest.

Saturday 2/18 - 7 miles. Almost a mile warm up, then the ValenTimes 10K. Met my goal of running under 52:30 by running 50:47.

27 miles this week.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

2017 ValenTimes 10K - a Bit of Serendipity

First real road race for me in over a year and it was time to see if I still had some speed.

My main goal for this race was to run faster than 52:30 so I had a time to turn in for the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon seeding. I needed 52:30 to get into a Preferred Start Corral. Maybe it's petty of me to want to get into one of the front corrals. I couldn't help but think this. But I don't want to start in the back... now I just had to prove that I was fast enough.

My work schedule wasn't ideal. I was supposed to work from 5 pm Friday night to 2 am Saturday morning. That makes for a short night when the race is at 9 am on Saturday morning in Seymour, IN. My plan was to drive to Columbus, IN after I got off work in Bloomington and spend the night at my in-laws house. That way at least I'd already be halfway to Seymour in the morning.

So... of course nothing goes as planned. I got a call at 1:45 pm Friday. Seems one of the docs at one of the other hospitals we staff got sick and they had to pull a doctor from Bloomington to cover, and now they needed me in Bloomington at 2:30 pm. Uhhh.... crap. Nothing to do but jump in the shower (I was having a leisurely morning since I was going to be up all night) then start throwing clothes in a bag to take to Columbus. I hadn't even checked the weather for the morning. I thought it was going to be nice but wasn't sure. Ended up throwing in tights, compression shorts, long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, fleece jacket, socks and another T-shirt in a bag, hoping I didn't forget anything. Put my Garmin on because I didn't want to forget that!

On the road by 2 pm, then it occurs to me... am I working til 2 am? Are they calling anyone else in? Working 12 hours would really suck! Luckily they found another doc to call in so it actually ended up better for me. I managed to get out by 12:30 am. I considered driving back to Greenwood and sleeping in my own bed since I got done earlier than planned but then decided to go ahead and head to Columbus.

Got a pretty decent night's sleep and got to Seymour just after 8 am. Temps were in the mid-40's. Perfect running weather. My Garmin took forever to pick up a satellite but finally did at the end of my warm up run. I figure I went roughly a mile. Then it was race time!

Main goal was 52:30 but my stretch goal was sub-50:00. I actually looked back Thursday night at the blog from last year to see how I had been running at this time last year. I found I had been putting in WAY more miles and running faster overall so running faster today than last year was going to be a real stretch... but you never know!

Plan was to see how long I could hold an 8:00 pace...

Mile 1 - 7:35. Yup, plan went out the window. The 5K and 10K started together. I kept telling myself to let the 5K women go but I just couldn't! It felt comfortable to run with them even though I was telling myself to slow down the entire time.

Mile 2 - 7:55. I settled down a bit. Then the 5K and 10K split and I was on my own.

Mile 3 - 8:25. Still felt good and I told myself I'd be fine if I just held this pace.

Mile 4 - 8:27. Still doing OK.

Mile 5 - 8:49. Pretty much felt like I tanked this mile. I was running into the wind and it started to feel hard. Overall though, I consciously knew I was mentally in a much better place this year at this point in the race than I was last year. I can still DO this!

Mile 6 - 8:32. I could see the school with half a mile to go and knew I had the time I needed. All I had to do was finish strong.

Last 0.2 - 1:04

Official time - 50:47.2 (8:10 pace)

Finished Third Overall in the Women's race, and First in the 40-49 age group.
I was 3 seconds slower than last year. I'll take that! Extremely happy with my race today. Ya... some what if's about mile 5, but it's done and I got the time that I needed.

Jane and me after the awards
Jane won the 40-49 age group in the 5K

Probably should have done a cool down run after the race but I got too busy talking to friends I hadn't seen in a year. It was fun. Plus I won a door prize for five free lunches at the Pewter Hall in Brownstown (road trip anyone?)


I came home and was greeted with this sad face...

Seems like Belle picked a fight with a raccoon half her size at 4 am this morning. Hubs finally had to shoot the raccoon to break up the fight. Then he realized Belle was spraying blood everywhere. He ended up having to wake J up so she could hold pressure on Belle while he drove her to the 24-hour emergency vet. Belle ended up with 14 stitches in her left ear. Poor puppy! ... and serendipitous for me that I went to Columbus or I wouldn't have slept at all!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February Grocery Challenge Days 11 to 15 - Hoping Valentine's Day Didn't Break the Budget!

Believe it or not, I did not buy any newspapers this weekend. I looked at the coupon insert previews and decided there really weren't any compelling coupons. Of course then I find out that if I had any of the $2 L'oreal coupons from this weekend I could be making money at Meijer but, of well, it's not like I need any hair products this week.

I also didn't take into account Valentine's Day when I was thinking about the budget this month. Hopefully my Valentine's Day spending won't break the budget. My biggest dilemma was where to buy chocolates for my kids. I think the kids still want a box of assorted chocolates on Valentine's Day. I have thousands of Balance Rewards (BR) points at Walgreens so I could've just bought both of them chocolates there with points and not spent any money, however, the chocolates overall were a better deal at Kroger so I saved my BR points and spent money at Kroger.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, I averted my eyes and successfully avoided any Valentine's Day ideas on Pinterest. I was however enticed to go check out a blog post for "How I Feed My Family of 7 on a $85 a Week Budget from Walmart." It's a rather interesting read. Point of the post was that she uses no coupons, freezer meals, or other things but solely meal plans on a budget. I really do believe meal planning is a money saver. It's one of those things I'm working on.

Here's the last couple days...

Saturday Feb. 11th
1 can of beef stock 0.89
2 zucchinis @ 1.18
1 package of 8 Healthy Life whole wheat hamburger buns 2.49
4.82 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breasts 8.63
2 75-oz bottles of Arm & Hammer laundry detergent @ 2.99 each
4 8-oz packages of sliced cheese @ 2.00 each
1 roll Jeannie-O turkey sausage 2.50
3 lb package Jeannie-O ground turkey 5.99
1 red bell pepper 1.00
3 lb bag of onions 1.00
16 oz box of Spring Greens salad mix 2.99 (this was a mark down)
subtotal 40.65
- 2 ($1.00 Arm & Hammer printable from
- 1.00 Jeannie-O turkey sausage (printable from
+ 0.42 tax (on Arm & Hammer)
$38.07, paid 11.95 with my gift card balance, then $26.12 out of pocket

Meijer shopping

For dinner I had thawed out some sirloin I had purchased last month for $3.99/lb and made Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls...

photo from "Picture the Recipe"
recipe HERE

Sunday Feb. 12th
Decided Kroger had the best deal on Valentine's chocolates and bought both kids a 12 oz box of Russell Stover chocolates. They were $9.99, Buy One Get One Free. They were also $9.99 at both CVS and Walgreens too and I had fake money to spend at both of these stores but, come on, it was HALF the price at Kroger! I used my $2 off your next grocery purchase coupon I had gotten a couple days earlier for buying oatmeal so ended up paying $8.55 for both boxes after it was all said and done.

$8.55 for both boxes

Made the Carmelized Onion Balsamic Turkey Burgers again for dinner. Soooo good! And yes, I love balsamic anything.

Monday Feb. 13th
I'm also making chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's Day and Aldi seemed to have the best prices on strawberries this week. I waited until Monday so they would be fresh for Valentine's Day. While I was there, I also saw that they had now marked down their milk to $1.15 a gallon (and it was still $1.19 at Meijer on Saturday), so I went ahead and picked up another gallon as I always like to have one unopened gallon at home. Aldi shopping...

2 lbs strawberries @ 1.49/lb
1 gallon milk 1.15
16 oz sour cream 0.99 (probably the best everyday price on sour cream)

Made chocolate covered strawberries before the kids got home and hid them in the basement refrigerator.

Made two plates of these

Had leftovers for dinner as we had exactly one serving left of the Nuevo Beef, Steak Rolls, a turkey burger, and Roasted Vegetable Chicken Chili.

Also spent $1.00 at Kroger for an Odwalla protein drink after my evening run.

Tuesday Feb. 14th
I wasn't planning on doing any more shopping. I spent the morning making heart shaped shortbread cookies to cover with icing. I went to make the icing and discovered there was no confectioners' sugar in the entire house. I couldn't believe it! How the heck did I run out of confectioners' sugar and not know it? Probably cause I've been on a diet and have hardly baked since before Christmas. I had over 20 lbs of flour, sugar, and brown sugar - plus I found 2 more cans of enchilada sauce - but NO confectioners' sugar! Since I was trying to get everything done before the kids got home again I had to run out to the closest grocery store which is Marsh and pay full rip retail for a bag of confectioners' sugar. Got applesauce that I needed for another recipe while I was there. Ugh. Marsh probably has the highest prices of all the grocery stores. Paid $2.49 for the 32 oz bag of confectioners' sugar that I'd normally pay $0.99 for, plus $2.39 for the applesauce.

Cookies got done though....

Made 3 dozen of these

Lastly, I had a senior moment and couldn't remember where I'd hid the chocolate boxes I got on Sunday but found them 30 minutes before the kids got home. This was their Valentine's Day treat...

The beautiful roses were my gift from my husband

Also cooked up 2.5lbs of chicken and served it with a green bean casserole for dinner. We ate half the chicken. I'll use the rest of it in meals this week.

Wednesday Feb. 15th
No spending.

Made apple oatmeal muffins for the kids to have for breakfast the next couple days and pasta with marinara sauce for dinner.

Looked at the grocery ads for the new sales cycle starting tomorrow. Quite frankly, I feel like I've WAY overspent the last couple of days and (thankfully!) there was nothing super enticing in the new ads. Kroger is having another "Buy 6, Get $3 Off" Mega Sale. The Marsh by my house is actually offering DOUBLE COUPONS. I haven't seen double coupons in years. Normally I'd be super excited but there's nothing I absolutely have to have right now. I may need to pick up more dog food and paper towels before the end of the month. I'll probably go to Meijer if I need something as I still have some earned mPerks coupons I can use there.

So that's it. I'm going to sit on my hands and try to stay out of the store the next couple days and work on my meal planning!

February Grocery Spending: $124.76
February Donation Spending: $18.94

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Training Log 2/5/17 - 2/11/17

Sunday 2/5 - Rest... if you want to call it that. Got up at 4:30 am to go to work. Worked in Bloomington all day then drove 2 hours to Carmel to pick G up by 5:30 pm (with two quick pit stops at CVS along the way!) Finally home at 6:30 pm. Not sure what I did with the rest of the night.

Monday 2/6 - No running. Up at 6 am to take G to school, then back down to Bloomington for a Pediatric Advanced Life Support renewal class. Done with that at 3 pm, then dashed home to pick up G and drive her to Carmel. Quite frankly I could hardly keep my eyes open at this point. Forget about even working out. Got home at 10 pm, made J a sandwich, then fell asleep on the couch. Woke up at 2 am to properly put myself to bed.

Tuesday 2/7 - 6 miles. Run club day. Woke up feeling well rested and was actually excited about what the workout might be... then saw that it was mile repeats. Probably one of the workouts I dislike the most because they intimidate me. Workout was 2 mile warm up, then 3 one mile repeats at 10K pace with a 3:00 jog in between, then a 1 mile cool down. After last week's run, I was feeling pretty confident and decided to push the envelope and shoot for times between 8:00 and 8:15. Well... first off, it was cloudy and overcast and my Garmin would NOT pick up a satellite. I spent the first two miles messing with my watch trying to get it to pick something up. It seemed to be tracking my distance but the satellite icon was still red and my pace recorded all over the place from 11:00 to 7:30. After two miles, I reset my watch and took off running, never picking up a satellite.
Mile 1 - 8:30. Ugh. Don't even know if this is right.
Mile 2 - 8:40. Ditto.
Mile 3 - 8:48. Now I'm running as hard as I can and I don't seem to be going any faster.
One mile cool down in 10:55???
Not sure if any of these times were accurate but I felt like I was working super hard during my mile repeats and couldn't believe they weren't any faster; then I basically felt like death afterwards.

Wednesday 2/8 - 30 minutes stationary bike/ level 5 rollers. Totally exhausted all day and then it started snowing in the evening. I really just wanted to lay down on the Y floor and take a nap instead of bike.

Thursday 2/9 - 6 miles. Hamster tracked it cause it was cold wet and snowy outside Wasn't too bad.

Friday 2/10 - 6 miles. Nice easy run on the Monon. Getting a massage in the morning probably helped too. Oh, and it's almost 60 degrees again.

Saturday 2/11 - 6 miles. Hills on my county roads. I considered re-doing Tuesday's run club workout but woke up with heavy legs and just a "flat" feeling so I did hills instead... in shorts and a T-shirt.

I'm afraid to look at next Saturday's weather forecast for my 10K!

24 miles this week.