Saturday, March 1, 2014

Derby Training Weeks 10 and 11

Times a flying by!! Only 7 more weeks til race day. I'm getting nervous already.

All things considered, Week 10 was OK. The week started off in Montana...

Sunday - 4 miles on the hotel treadmill
Monday - 0; Up at 2:45 am to fly home. Home at 3 pm. Too tired to run.
Tuesday - 0; Worked 6:30 am to 3 pm. Too tired to run.
Wednesday - 4 miles + kettlebell class; first class in over a week
Thursday - 9 miles; pace, nailed it!
Friday - 19 miles
Saturday - rest

Week 10 Total Miles: 36

I ended up 9 miles short for the week since I was suppose to run 9 miles on either Monday or Tuesday but was too tired to do it. I considered knocking out 9 on Saturday to make my numbers add up but decided I'd better take my prescribed rest day as Week 11 was going to be a big number week.

Week 11...

Sunday - 5 miles
Monday - 10 miles
Tuesday - 20 miles
Wednesday - kettlebells; no running
Thursday - 10 miles
Friday - kettlebells; no running
Saturday (today) - 5 miles

Week 11 Total Miles: 50

Today's miles consisted of a 5K and a 2 mile warm down. I did OK considering all the mileage I had on my legs this week. I'll post the race wrap up once the official results are up (hopefully tomorrow). I have a 10 K tomorrow too. It's a double header race weekend.

The 10K to be held tomorrow might be cursed. It was the 10K that was originally scheduled for last month but got canceled due to bad weather. Well... rumor has it it's gonna snow 6 inches tomorrow. As of now, race is still on.

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