Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 - Bring It On!!

Happy New Year!!

I am way excited about this new year. Since I started this blog last February I have discovered that keeping track of my daily doings not only makes me more accountable, but it helps me see my progress and keeps me more "on track" as far as my workouts and other projects go.

I have also, more or less, found more ways to harness the power of the internet by connecting with more like-minded individuals and discovering more websites and resources. It's been an eye-opening year.

So here's what I got lined up for myself in 2014...

On the running front, I've found that following a training program is the best way for me to keep focused and get my runs in. I signed up for the Monumental Marathon again and I'm planning to run the Mill Race half again in September. That puts me at two half marathons and two full marathons for the year. I am putting my name in for the New York City Marathon lottery again. NYC is the same weekend as the Monumental so I will be running one or the other. I signed up for Brook Kreder's Sole Success Club and have met a great online community of supportive sole sisters. I also signed up for the Voyage to Venus - another online community where runners commit to running a certain number of miles in 2014 in an effort to log a total of 25 million miles. I committed to 1500 miles. I ran 1023 miles in 2013 so I think this is doable.

From a couponing standpoint, I am signed up for the January Stockpile/Budget Challenge  over at my couponing home Hot Coupon World. I try to do this every month but some months I just can't keep track of my expenses. My grocery budget this month is $500. I really need to do better meal planning, plus I'm trying to eat better.

In trying to eat better, I'm trying to do some more cooking and baking on a more regular basis throughout the year, rather than having total madness every summer when fair season rolls around!

Speaking of madness, we had a great New Year's Eve party here last night. More details and a recipe tomorrow!

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