Sunday, January 12, 2014

Derby Training Week 4 Summary

This was a chaotic week. I'm glad it's over. I'm ready to start a new week. The weather played havoc on my schedule. I was looking forward to the kids going back to school so everyone would go to bed early and I could get some SLEEP! That didn't happen.

Sunday - "rest" day; got up at 4:30 am to go to work before the snow hit
Monday - snowed in, didn't get any running in (missed a 3 miler)
Tuesday - got up at 4:30 am to go to work; family drama when I got home (missed a 3 miler)
Wednesday - 6 miles
Thursday - "rest" day; got up at 4:30 am to go to work; taught dance in the evening
Friday - 6 miles; my pace run

Pace summary: 8:45, 8:45, 8:45, 8:50, 9:22, 8:46
Average pace: 8:50.5
It wasn't as bad as my failed run last week but wasn't a huge confidence booster either.

The kids didn't go back to school until Friday so everyone was up til the wee hours of the morning again for most of this week and I averaged about 4 hours of sleep a night.

Saturday - 13 miles

Week 4 total miles: 25

I was suppose to start my 5:15 am Russian kettlebell class at the high school this week. However, the class doesn't meet if school is canceled or there is a 2-hour delay, therefore there was no class this week. First class will be tomorrow morning. I'm scared. Good night!

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