Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Drugstore Deals This Week

I got my deal shopping done early this week. I didn't have much to buy but I was worried about finding the items later in the week at CVS. So, starting with CVS...

Trip #1
3 12-packs of Angel Soft toilet paper @ 3/$15 (sale price)
Used my $10 ECB from last week and 3 ($0.45 coupons)
Paid $3.65 + $1.05 tax = $4.70
Received another $5 ECB for the Angel Soft
Plus, I got $5 deposited into my SavingStar account

Trip #2
2 18-ct U by Kotex tampons @ $5.79, buy 1 get 1 50% off sale
2 Nivea Soft Moisture Cream @ $1.19 regular price
Total $11.06
Used 2 ($2 Kotex coupons) and $5 ECB from the Angel Soft
Paid $2.06 + $0.77 tax = $2.83
Received $2 ECB for the Kotex and $5 ECB for the Nivea

The Nivea was what I was worried about finding. It was the obvious money maker this week since you only paid (with tax) $2.55 for the product but you got a $5 ECB back. I wanted to get the Kotex with my $5 ECB from the Angel Soft but I had to buy something else cause I was going to be $0.32 short of $5 with just Kotex. Now I have $7 in ECB for next week (when I'm planning to stock up on Diet Coke).

Here's the Nivea that works for the $5 ECB.
Only the white plastic containers work. The small blue tins will not work.
It's perfect to carry in your purse.
Paid $7.53 for everything in the photo.
Have $7 in ECBs for next week and $5 deposited into SavingStar.
Next up was Walgreens.
Trip #1
3 6-packs of Scott Naturals paper towels @ $3.99 each (sale price)
Used 3($0.75) coupons
Paid $9.72 + $0.84 tax = $10.56
Received a $3 Register Reward (RR) for my next shopping trip
Scott has a national catalina out. Buy 2, Get a $2 coupon. Buy 3, Get a $3 coupon.
I am down to my last jug of laundry detergent.  For most items I am not brand loyal. However, as far as laundry detergent goes, I HAVE to get Arm & Hammer because it's the only detergent that won't make my husband's skin fall off. I am still looking for a great Arm & Hammer deal. Perhaps I am spoiled because I used to get it for $1 a jug at Meijer in the days of double and triple coupons. At one point I think I even had a 2-year supply of laundry detergent. But alas, now I'm down to my last jug so I have to take what I can find and this is the best I could find this week...
Trip #2
2 50-oz jugs Arm & Hammer laundry detergent @ $6.99, Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale
Used the $3 RR from the Scott
Paid $6.99 - $3 = $3.99 + $0.49 tax = $4.48
Paid $15.04 for everything in the photo.
Not the best deal, but I needed all those items right now and God forbid I pay full price!
Shopping will likely slow down a bit again after this week as I've done some major stock up the last 2 weeks on:
toilet paper
paper towels
dishwasher detergent
tampons and liners
shampoo and conditioner
Still looking for an Arm & Hammer deal and could use some more paper towels but I'll be OK for a couple weeks now. My family seems to blow through paper products at an alarming rate.
Next up this week is cleaning out the house!

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  1. Have I mentioned that I'm in awe of your shopping talents?