Saturday, January 16, 2016

B2B Training Week 5 of 18

This week I had the luxury of only working one day. I tried to make the most of it. However, instead of focusing on my running I ended up focusing on my house.

Yes, the house. My seemingly eternally cluttered house. I SO SO want a clean peaceful place to retire to everyday. I've made a lot of headway since last year but there always seems to be so much more to shovel out!

This week...

Sunday (1/10) - Zero miles. We got our first substantial snowfall of the season on Saturday night and woke to a winter wonderland. I was scheduled to cover Assembly Hall for the IU vs. Ohio State men's basketball game. Game time was 1:30 pm and I'm suppose to be in my seat by 1 pm. My husband and I left our house at 11 am. Due to road conditions and construction traffic I barely made it into my seat by tipoff. The game was a wonderful game for Hoosier Nation. The Hoosiers were "ON". They could do no wrong. The score at halftime was 48-18! The Buckeyes did not come out of the locker room until about 2 minutes left in half time. I think they were there in the locker room trying to get their heads together. It's like when things go right, everything magically falls into place but when things go wrong, everything falls apart. Final score was 85-60. It took us another 2.5 hours to drive home. It was a good day but an exhausting day on the road.

Monday (1/11) - 3 miles. Hit the hamster track with thoughts of a long run but I had too much on my mind. Then I thought I'd run 7 but my feet started slapping the track right away, my legs were heavy, and my shins hurt. 7 quickly got cut to 5, and then I decided 3 was enough. Better than nothing, right? I went deal shopping. That was what I really wanted to do. Deets HERE.

Tuesday (1/12) - 5 miles. I spent the morning and afternoon cleaning out my master bathroom and ended up throwing out 6 garbage bags of trash. Of course this left no time to run during the day so I ended up at the Jordan YMCA while my daughter was dancing and hit their treadmill. I ended up running 5 miles. Other than a mishap at the beginning where I couldn't figure out the machine and almost threw myself off the belt because it kept going faster and faster (I had to hit the Emergency Stop button after I was almost down to 7 minute mile pace with no slowing in site - granted I started looking for the stupid button in panic when I spied I was at 7:44 pace and still speeding up!) I ran in peace - like I felt completely at peace knowing my bathroom cabinets were clean and organized. Is that crazy or what?

Wednesday (1/13) - Zero miles. I worked 7 am - 7 pm in Martinsville. Thankfully an uneventful day.

Thursday (1/14) - 7 miles. Thought about doing a long run again but ended up doing more house cleaning during the day. I ended up filling the entire back of my SUV with items to donate to Goodwill and actually dropped all the stuff off too. I cleaned out all my kitchen cabinets and my pantry. I pitched several garbage bags of stuff including candy I had saved for gingerbread houses. I used to compete in gingerbread house competitions but I don't think I've made a gingerbread house in about 5 years. Once again I ended up on the treadmill at the Jordan YMCA while my daughter danced in the evening. It was a good run. I did the whole thing at 9:31 pace - except the treadmill shuts off after 60 minutes so I had to restart it to run my last 0.75 miles. I despise treadmills but I can't really lollygag on them either once I set my pace and, surprising (and thankfully), I haven't felt like I've had to work very hard at this pace. Once again I felt totally at peace during my run with no "to do's" hanging over my head.

Friday (1/15) - 5 miles. Put off my long run once again. Today I simply did not get out of bed early enough to do a long run. It was gray and raining and I went back to bed after the kids went to school (unlike the other days this week when I actually got stuff done). I woke up at 10 am. Ooops! I had planned on trying 20 miles this week. I have to allow myself a 4 hour window to do this. Waking up at 10 am didn't give me enough time to do this before the kids got home from school. I ended up running 5 on the hamster track. I couldn't do the Y in the evening because G and I had tickets to see the ballet Giselle in the evening after her dance class.

Saturday (1/16) - 20 miles. No more excuses today. G had prearranged transportation to dance so I was free for the morning. It was wet and gross so I ended up hamster tracking it but it got done. I've been incredibly pleased so far that I haven't had any of the horrible leg pain that has plagued all my other training cycles. I opted for ice bags rather than the ice bath after my run today. Now it's a couple hours of down time before I'm off to watch J cheer. Center Grove made it to the Johnson County Basketball Tournament Championship game tonight.

Week 5 - 40 miles

I'm really happy with how the week went.

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  1. Daaaamn, girl. 20 miles... on the track. Wow. Just wow. Hope it was confidence building. You can do ANYTHING!