Monday, January 11, 2016

B2B Training Week 4 of 18

This was a back to business week. My work schedule is heavier early on this month so this was the busy week at work. I have been working earlier in the day, like at 6:30 am or 9 am, because I've got kid commitments in the evenings and it works out better for my family that way. However, as we all know, I am NOT a morning person. I've discovered that I'm pretty much trashed after working all day and there is simply not enough time or energy left to get a run in AFTER work. Therefore, my solution of sorts has been to have my work days as my non-run days if at all possible.


Sunday (1/3) - zero miles. Worked all day.

Monday (1/4) - zero miles. Worked all day.

Tuesday (1/5) - 5 miles in the morning. Watched my daughter cheer in the evening.

Wednesday (1/6) - 10 miles. I didn't have to leave for work until 1:30 pm. I told myself there were days in the past that I ran 20 miles before going into work so I made myself get to the fitness center early and get the 10 done. I felt fine while I was running but not so good afterwards. My legs were fine but I felt hot and nauseous and couldn't eat. I was fine at work though.

Thursday (1/7) - 5 miles, then did a bunch of grocery shopping before taking G to dance in the evening.

Friday (1/8) - 10 miles. This was suppose to be my long run. I had planned on 17 or 18. I blew up a lap short of 10 and ended up walking it in. Again, my legs felt fine but I was lightheaded and dizzy. Pretty frustrated by the whole thing because I felt like I was well rested and it was my day off with plenty of time to get the run in.

Saturday (1/9) - zero miles. Worked all day.

Week 4 - 30 miles

Not as many miles as I had hoped but double what I ran in Week 3. I am also thankful that I haven't had any leg pain (yet?) this time around. I'm not running anything fast right now so that may be what's sparing my legs. I'm still playing it by ear week to week but I think the overall plan will be to keep building some mileage for a couple more weeks before I start doing any speed work or anything else. I know I should be doing more PT exercises, weights, and cross-training but it's all I can do to get the runs in at this time.

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