Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Intervals - Week 2

Hey Hope, how sore are you today?

I'm sore in all kind of weird places that I didn't even know could get sore from that Pilates and more class yesterday. On the plus side, my legs feel better. We'll see how they feel tomorrow though.

Today was interval day. This time, it was a "ladder". I didn't get to the fitness center until this evening either so the track was packed with walkers. The indoor track is a funny distance - 7 laps for a mile - so I figure each lap is 228.5 m. I have just been eyeballing the distances based on this. So here's my workout:

400 m - 2:10
600 m - 2:54
800 m - 4:22
1200 m - 6:35
800 m - 4:27
600 m - 3:05
400 m - 2:12

I had a 2:10 rest period in between each interval and a mile warm up and mile warm down, so 5 miles total. I feel like I have a ways to go with my speedwork.

My next running day this week will be Saturday. It's supposed to be a tempo run. I'm thinking about doing a 5K but will see what it's like on Saturday. I learned a long time ago not to pre-register for races in January, February, or March because, if I pre-register, it will be 10 below zero and snowing sideways that day. I pre-registered for a race last year for April 21st. Pretty safe date, right? Wrong! It was 20 degrees with like 50 mph winds that day. It was so cold I considered hiding out in a port-a-potty until the race started. Luckily, I found a lobby of a parking garage to hang out in with about a hundred other people. We got to watch the Luigi's Italian Ice guy fight to keep the umbrella up over his kiosk before he finally packed up and went home.

So what kind of a workout did you do today?

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