Thursday, February 21, 2013

Social Media

Hallelujah! No work today. Today was cross-training day. I can only ride the stationary bike 30 minutes at a time at the gym so this is how it went:

First 30 minutes: 8.77 miles, 89 rpm.
Stretch and do core exercises for 30 minutes.
Second 30 minutes: 8.86 miles, 91 rpm.

I had an appointment to get a massage from a new massage therapist that I found on Groupon but when I got home I had a voicemail from her saying she had to cancel due to a migraine :(

So here I sit... blogging to the world (all 5 or so of you) about my day. Which leads me to the topic of social media. I do not have a Facebook or Twitter and can barely operate a cell phone. If you call and I don't answer, it's because I'm driving and I can't figure out how to answer the phone or my phone is dead. If you text me it will take 10 minutes before my fat fingers can type back a reply. My children, however, live on their iPods (because their parents are ogres and won't give them cell phones). The kids also do not have Facebook accounts but my 13 year old daughter has a Twitter account. I've known about the Twitter account for a long time. In fact, she asked me if me if she could have one and I consented. My husband found out about her Twitter account just the other night - because my daughter left it open on our family computer - and he FREAKED OUT! Of course he also read all her tweets and added himself as a follower. Then he proceeded to tell her that all the references to where she went to school and her friends and pictures of our house and car that were in the background of her photos would lead all the deranged pedophiles and thieves of the world to our house. He got her so freaked out she couldn't sleep in her room last night because she was afraid there was a murderer hiding under her bed in the dark.

So do your children Twitter or Facebook? I told my husband he was a little too paranoid but he thinks he's instilled a "healthy fear" in our kids.


  1. isn't this the "second" groupon mishap???? :) Ok about the kids and technology. My kids have a Facebook account but I have password and I control who their are friends with (yes I am a dictator!) no twitter (anymore!) my oldest did behind out back and that was her BIGGEST mistake! It was promptly deleted. Both girls have Instagram but I am on their with them and see every pictures they put up and I am very very quick to ask them to delete something. Rule is: if I say delete a picture or post (on facebook) if they argue then I freeze their account. Again my house is not a democracy it's a dictatorship ;)

    1. If you're thinking about that cooking class, that was an AmazonLocal deal. If you're thinking about deals like that in general, maybe. The therapist called me back yesterday and rescheduled for next Friday. She sounded apologetic (unlike the rude woman we both talked to!) so I'm hoping she's not a total flake.

  2. sorry about all the mistakes in first comment...tired!
    "who they are friends with"
    "behind out back"