Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Comments from the kids...

"I'm half cat you know" - from my 10 year old daughter. Context - resting in the sunny front seat of my car today.

"I feel like I'm in some reality show" - from my 13 year old daughter. Context - running from her dance competition Saturday back to the high school so she could try out for cheerleadering; she had to go back to the competition after that.

All I can say is that I made it through the weekend. I've had some normal moments and then some surreal moments. I'm with my 13 year old. Saturday felt like a reality show. Two dance competitions at two different sites about an hour away from each other. Kid #1 (my older child) originally was in 4 group numbers and a solo but we pulled her solo so she could try out for cheer. We were up at 7 am. I took her to the competition, left after the first 2 numbers, drove 40 minutes back to her school for try outs and handed her off to a friend who drove her back to the competion so she could finish her last 2 numbers. Meanwhile, kid #2 was doing two solos and a group number at competition #2. She spent the night with a friend from her dance studio and went to the competition in the morning with them. I left kid #1 at cheer tryouts and raced to competition #2 in time for all her numbers. Her competition didn't end until 9pm. We then went out to eat after that. We finally got home at midnight and just dropped over. Kid #1 was already home. She made the cheer team. And where was my husband? He's at a pistol shooting competition out of town.

Needless to say, we all slept in today. I cannot remember the last time we all slept in like this morning but it was wonderful! Then, I went for my last "long run" before my half-marathon. I was suppose to run a 9:20 pace. It was a beautiful afternoon. Absolutely perfect for a long run. I spent the whole run fixated on my watch. Here's how it went...

Mile 1 - 9:16
Mile 2 - 9:12
Mile 3 - 9:17
Mile 4 - 9:12
Mile 5 - 9:17
Mile 6 - 9:16
Mile 7 - 9:16
Mile 8 - 8:38

I'm still nervous about my ability to keep a 9 minute pace so I wanted to make sure I had some reserve after running 7 miles and ran my last mile faster to see what I had left.

It is SO much easier to run outside. I was suppose to do intervals on Friday. It was actually just two 2-mile repeats. It was 40 degrees with 22 mph winds and raining so I did them on a treadmill. I probably would have run them faster outdoors but I had to set a pace on the dreadmill and since I'm still deathly afraid of getting pitched off, my paces were conservative. The workout was: 1 mile warmup, 2 miles in 18:00, 2 minute rest, 2 miles in 17:53, 1 mile warm down.

Mileage for week 9 was 23 miles. One more week of "real" running before my "taper" week. I'm not sure you can really call anything a "taper" at this point since I'm barely running over 20 miles in any given week. I'm planning intervals on Tuesday and I'm registered for a 5K on Thursday that I'll sandwich between some warm up and warm down running and that will be my tempo run.

So how was your weekend?


  1. kind of similar weekend, except: soccer & lacrosse! Sunday was gardening, mowing, yard work, etc...same old stuff...different weekend!

  2. At least you saw your kids. I'm pretty sure mine made it home from school on Friday - I remember dropping her off for a sleepover shortly after. The next time I saw her was Saturday evening, in the rear view mirror, leaving competition and heading to...another sleepover. The third time I saw her, I was picking her up from Ella's on Sunday evening (again in my rear view mirror), heading home. She passed out from exhaustion in her room - and I next saw her hobbling onto the bus Monday morning (she's on crutches). I'm estimating a grand total of 30 minutes in 3 days. I'm not handling this "growing up & not needing Mom anymore" thing very well. I feel like an empty nester & she's only 14! Admittedly, my Saturday-night-out-with-friends was a welcomed & much needed distraction. Booze soothed my broken heart...this time. You & I need a girl's night out soon!!