Saturday, February 4, 2017

Perhaps Some New Goals - Training Log 1/29/17 - 2/4/17

So the last time I had a "good" run last year was on November 15th. That night I went to my run club practice and we were told to "just do a nice social run" since most of the group had come off some early November marathons. The week prior our workout had also been a "nice social run" and I had stayed with the fast kids, clocking 8:30 - 9:00 miles for 5 miles, so I figured I'd try running with the fast kids again.

Less than one mile into the "social run" I looked at my watch and we were going 8:10 pace... and speeding up. I quickly decided I was in over my head, asked what the route was, and dropped back in self-preservation mode. I ended up running 8 miles by myself that night. Last one back to the running store. I was quite pleased though. I had averaged 9:04 pace for those 8 miles.

After that, well, LIFE happened. Six plus weeks of being too busy to run, then a smattering of miles here and there in early January. I returned to run club practice on January 17th and struggle bussed through the workout. I also miscalculated my turn around point and ended up running 8 miles instead of 7, barely making it back to the running store before it closed. Seriously... I was doddling along doing my cool down when I suddenly realized the store closed at 7 pm. I was running by myself again and I wasn't sure if anyone knew I was still out on the course. All my outer wear and car keys were in the store's back stockroom. I had visions of getting back and the store being closed. I got back at 6:51 pm. Whew!

Anyhoos... getting back to 9:00 pace for 8 miles seemed like a reasonable goal.

Tuesday (1/31) I went back to run club. Workout was 1-3 mile warm up, 4-5 miles steady state run at 75%-85% effort (15K to marathon pace), 1-2 mile cool down.

My plan was, 1 mile warm up, 4 miles at 9:00 pace, if I felt OK I'd do another mile at this pace, then 1 mile cool down. I wasn't sure I could hold a 9:00 pace for 4 miles but I'd see how I felt. I went out to run it on my own. By now I've figured out the fast kids warm up at about an 8:30 pace. I'm not there yet.


Mile 1 - 9:42. Not too bad. I think I've been running closer to 10:00 - 10:30 for my warm ups so hopefully this isn't too fast.

Mile 2 - 8:48. Feels pretty good. Don't go too fast! Don't go faster than 8:45...

Mile 3 - 8:39. OK, so there were these two women running ahead of me and I thought they were running about my pace so I caught up to them to run with them. Then I saw that they were running about 8:40 pace which was faster than I thought I should be running so I let them go and dropped back. They got to 86th Street and kept going north. I turned around at this point...

Mile 4 - 8:36. ...then it got too dark to see my watch. All I could do is run by perceived effort and see my mile splits when my watch lit up at the mile markers.

Mile 5 - 8:25. Holy....

I still felt good and still felt like I was running at about 75%. I still had more gears if I wanted to speed up. Definitely running another mile. I really had the temptation to put the hammer down and see how fast I could run the next mile. Don't be stupid. Never mind. Continue on...

Mile 6 - 8:33

Mile 7 - 10:00. Cool down.

It wasn't 8 miles but for the 5 steady state miles I ran, I averaged 8:36 pace. Much faster than I'd ever imagined I'd go that night. I guess I should run in the dark more often!

So... some new goals are in order. I finally signed up for some races.

ValenTimes 10K in Seymour on February 18th. I ran it in 50:44 last year and was mad that I'd run slow. I haven't raced since then (meaning, I've run races but not really raced). Quite frankly, I'd be THRILLED with that time this year. Goal this year is to run faster than 52:30.

Why 52:30? That's the time I need to get into a Preferred Start corral at the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon on May 6th. Since I haven't raced in a year I also don't have a time to turn in for the Mini yet. If I don't turn in a time I'll have to run through 10,000+ people to get to the finish line. I did that once before when I hadn't run any races in over a year. I think I started out in Corral P or something like that and it was an incredibly frustrating race running over people for 13 miles. I have no issue with running with 10,000 people, it's if I have to run through them.

Indiana Swim Club Indoor Triathlon on March 5th. I'm taking the plunge, or, more like dipping my toe, into triathloning. 600 yard swim in an indoor pool, followed by an 8 mile ride on a stationary bike, then a 3 mile run on an indoor track. I think I can handle that.

This is how my training went this week (first time I've kept track since mid-November)...

Sunday 1/29 - Rest. Worked all day.

Monday 1/30 - 6 miles on the Monon.

Tuesday 1/31 - 7 miles. Run Club practice on the Monon.

Wednesday 2/1 - Swim 1600 meters at the Y.

Thursday 2/2 - 8 miles on the Monon.

Friday 2/3 - Rest. Worked all day.

Saturday 2/4 - 8 miles at the hamster track.

29 miles this week.

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  1. Well done. You make me laugh with the 'speedy kids' bit, but are welcome to join in the fun anytime you'd like. BTW, Jesse keeps the store open late on Tuesdays so we can hang around.