Saturday, October 26, 2013

Week 17 Wrap Up

One more week...

I feel like this training cycle has lasted forever but now is coming to a screaming fast finish. I went back today and looked at my post for Week 1. I keep thinking one of these days I'll tally up all the miles I've run this year. I track them daily but I don't keep a running total. I've definitely run more this year than in any year since high school!

So much has changed with my running since I started this blog in February. My main goal then had been to get back under 2:00 for a half-marathon. I discovered along the way that the more I race, the faster I get. I'm not sure if that is a sustainable schedule though as most races are on Saturday mornings and both my kids have crazy busy schedules. I guess we'll see what happens after the marathon. Most weeks, I just feel like "if I can just make it through this week" it will be OK. Problem is, it's like that week after week...

So, here's how my week went...

Sunday - 3 miles (5K run, no warm down as I had stuff to do!)
Monday - 30 minutes exercise bike
Tuesday - 6 miles
Wednesday - 40 minutes running in the pool
Thursday - 8 miles
Friday - rest
Saturday - 4 miles

21 miles total + pool running

I was suppose to run 4 miles on Wednesday. I got up at 6 am but it was dark and rainy. I thought about going to the fitness center but went back to sleep. I then got up and drove to Chicago with G. We spent the day at the Art Institute of Chicago. I planned to run on the treadmill back at the hotel but G didn't want to sit by herself while I ran so we went to the pool instead. I ran in the pool while she played, then sat in the hot tub.

Thursday, we drove back and I felt really tired. It sleeted little balls of ice on my windshield as we drove back. I just wanted to hibernate when I got home but went to the fitness center. I then had one of those magical runs where your legs feel fresh and you feel like you are flying. I felt like I could run forever. It was my last run of any distance before my marathon so I'm glad it went that way!

I've gotten up at 4:30 am the last two days to go to work. Tomorrow I'll do the same. I am working a crazy split shift so that I can squeeze in one more 5K and pick my daughter up from Nutcracker rehearsal. Basically, I am working in Bloomington from 6:30 am to noon. Then, I'm going to drive over to Columbus and try to run a 5K that starts at 2 pm. I'll give myself 30 minutes to run and get back to my car. That gives me 1.5 hours to drive to Carmel so I can pick up my daughter from her rehearsal at 4 pm. After that, I'll drive an hour home, shower, change and leave by 7 pm so I can be back in Bloomington by 8 pm to work another 3 or so hours.

Yes, another one of those "if I can just make it through this day" days. I am off on Monday though so I can recover then!

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  1. good week! Nice job! I am getting more and more chicken about running outside...I hate this cold weather :(