Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Meet Stella Luna

So this is what happens when your daughter gets bored and cruises too long. We adopted our dog Belle from the Marion County pound about a year ago. Belle bonded to our older daughter immediately... which made my younger daughter sad. She wanted a pet to call her own. My husband told her yesterday that she could get one and she wasted no time at all. It came down to this little kitten or a donkey named Biscuit (who knew you could find donkeys on Petfinder!) Needless to say, I decided the kitten was the pick. Her foster care name was Demeter but my daughter has decided to call her Stella Luna. She came from a foster family through the Morgan County Humane Society. She is 12 weeks old. She has two sisters named Athena and Aphrodite but we couldn't take them all.

Belle wants to eat Stella Luna. So now I have ANOTHER summer project. Belle will need some obedience classes and we have to keep the pets separated until they get along (according to my vast internet research of an hour last night).

Any ideas on how to keep your dog from eating your kitten?


  1. I don't see the problem...

  2. LOL Hope! Our dogs don't like cats either but I guess that is normal...isn't it? Sorry I have no helpful hints. Let is know how obedience class go.