Thursday, May 16, 2013

Looky What I Got!

Remember the Run for the Ivy 5K that I wrote about in my last post? Well, it looks like I didn't get gyped after all. I had e-mailed the timing organization for the race telling them that they had made a mistake on my gender and that I was a woman instead of a man. They corrected the results and notified the race organizer. The race organizer mailed me the age group award! It's a $10 gift card to Blue Mile, my local running store.

In the meanwhile, my training has come to a standstill. I took it easy last week, did 3 easy runs and ate alot of bad food. Then, I got sick over the weekend. I have a really bad chest cold and can't stop coughing so I can barely breathe much less run. My head is a little less stopped up today and I have the day off work tomorrow so I may try to run again tomorrow.

Catching up, here's what else I've been up to...

My friend Isabelle posted a great carrot cake recipe on her blog here. I used it and made cupcakes instead of a whole cake.

My lastest issue of Crochet World magazine (July/August - I think they're really keeping ahead of the times!) arrived and I had to make this cute little kid's beret...

I'm now crocheting the dress that goes along with the hat. I think that's going to be my fair project this year. My brain is starting to move into fair mode. I enter the county fair and state fair every year. I mostly bake but I also do other crafts depending on what I'm into at the time. I had to submit my day off requests for work for the month of July at the end of last month which got me in the mode as our county fair is in July and the first round of State Fair entries are usually due in the last weekend in July.

I went and saw my chiropractor again earlier this week, I almost canceled because was feeling so bad but went anyway. When I showed up, the whole office was busier than usual and behind schedule because their computer system had crashed. The front desk lady (I'm not sure what else to call her) asked if I wanted to lay on the hydro-jet bed until Dr. Scott was ready. I had no idea what a hydro-jet bed was but I figured, sure, why not. OMG! I think I need one of these!

You lay down with the hard part supporting your bottom and legs. The squishy part is like a heated waterbed but there are water jets underneath that pulse and massage your back. I could have laid there all day. My "wait" was not long enough. Certainly made it worth going to the appointment!

How's your week been? Hopefully no one else is sick!

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