Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Looking Back and Looking Forward

It's been a little over 11 weeks since I started this blog.

11 weeks to compress an 18 week half-marathon training program and attempt to follow it and make myself more accountable in general. Has it been successful? So far so good!

I wasn't a huge believer in a low mileage training program but I'd have to say that I can't argue with the results. In 11 weeks, I spent one week with zero miles and another week at 5 miles. My highest mileage week was only 24.5 miles. I ended up dropping most of my cross-training halfway through and just running 3 days a week. Even with this bare bones program, I ended up running my second fastest half-marathon time EVER.

When I looked up my official results from the Run for the Ivy 5K that I ran here, first I was concerned, then irritated, then amused, then...hey, I think I just got gyped! See, I thought I ran well and placed in the women's race but I never heard my name called so I left and went to my family reunion. Later, when I tried to find my results online, I started by first looking at the age group results and couldn't find my name but saw that I ran faster than the woman that was listed as first in the F40-44 age group. I went back and looked through the overall results page and found my name. They had me listed as male instead of female... and I had placed second in the M40-44 age group! So, I think I may be getting to be a little faster than the average bear.

Looking forward, I registered for a 5K on June 1st. I want to see how fast I can really run a 5K. My 13 year old daughter is going to run it with me too. She and I are also thinking about running a half-marathon in Columbus, IN on September 28th. I have put my name in the lottery for this year's New York City Marathon. The drawing is on May 29th. If I don't get in, I think I'll do another marathon in either November or December. 

I believe planning some of my races ahead this year may help me stay on task.

Looking past the running, fair season is quickly coming upon us. I have to start doing some major planning for that too.

Anyone else have some short term goals to share?


  1. find inner peace! hahaha ;)

  2. Having lunch with one of my best friends on Thursday - that's about as far in advance as I plan :-)
    I do have my schedule planned for the rest of the Indpls Indians season, so I plan to work hard all summer...does that count?
    I did set a goal in March that I'd be tan this season. I've not had a tan in well over 15 years - the sun is not my friend. After going to the tanning bed nearly every day since early April, I've achieved a healthy glow. It cost me the first couple layers of skin due to burning, but I persevered - 5 minutes at a time, LOL! I'm up to 12 minutes now & still burn occasionally, but my now-leathery skin seems to have built up a pain tolerance. Oh, the price of beauty.
    Maybe my next goal should be to use some of that perseverance and get my bronzed butt to the gym more often (ok, get there at all). I'll have to think about that one a little longer...perhaps over a decaf light caramel frapp. Hey, I said "light"!! I'm hopeless...
    So proud of you :-)