Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Grocery Challenge Days 6 and 7 - A Couple Essentials

Yesterday (Day 6) started with a small trip to Marsh. We were completely out of bread and would soon be out of milk. I hadn't been to Marsh yet this sales week (grocery ads here run Thursday to Wednesday) and I knew I wanted to get eggs there and I had free milk there. Eggs are on sale for $0.88 a dozen. My "buy" price on eggs is anything less than a dollar.

2 dozen eggs, 0.88 each
half gallon of milk  1.99
2.12 lbs of bananas @ 0.59/lb,  1.25
loaf of bread  0.89
1.36 lbs of beefsteak tomatoes @ 0.98/lb, 1.33
Used coupons for free milk, 0.50 off tomatoes, and 0.50 off bananas.

Total paid: $4.23
Total was cheaper than an Extra Value Meal at McDonald's.
Think about all the French toast this would make!

I had one more small trip to Market District in the evening.

loaf of olive oil bread  2.99
cantaloupe  1.99
0.21 lbs organic Medjool dates @ 6.49/lb, 1.36
Used store coupons for $2 off the bread (bakery item), $1 off the cantaloupe (produce), and $1 off the dates (bulk food).

Total Paid $2.34.

I'm perfectly capable of baking my own bread but with the amount of time it takes for the risings and the electricity it costs to bake it I have no problem paying about a dollar for a loaf of bread. The dates were a splurge but I have had a craving for bacon date scones. I fried up some bacon when I got home and made the scone dough to bake in the morning.

Ever eat food just because it all just tastes so good? That was me last night after I made the scone dough. I had leftover bacon. It was perfectly crisp with a little bit of grease... and the olive oil bread, oh so soft and chewy, was just staring at me. A slice of bread folded over a strip or two of bacon was heavenly. I think I ate three slices of bread with bacon before I stopped myself. Ugh!

Breakfast this morning...

Bacon date scones and cantaloupe. Exactly what I wanted!

Total spent so far for this month: $64.52

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