Friday, June 3, 2016

Grocery Challenge Day 3

Confession... I went back to the store last night.

I had two more coupons that expire on June 6th that I wanted to use. They were for the contact lens solution that my kids use. That stuff can be expensive but it's something you can't run out of. Again, it pays to shop around. Here's what it cost at CVS (excuse my crappy phone camera)...

(and what the heck are eyelid wipes)

... and at Meijer

Hands down, I think CVS has the most expensive prices around. However, I continue to shop there because I can shop for almost free with the right combination of sales, coupons, and CVS offers. I had $3 off coupons for the Complete. Last month CVS had a deal where it was "Buy One, Get 50% Off" on contact lens solution. Then I had a $5 off $15 purchase CVS coupon as well as a $2 off any contact lens solution CVS coupon, plus my $3 off coupons, AND CVS was giving out a $2 in Extra Care Bucks (ECB) if you bought two bottles of Complete. So...

 Had to buy a candy bar to get my total over $15

...but I still had two more coupons to burn. The Meijer by my house was out of the Complete yesterday morning. I checked the Meijer in Carmel while my daughter was at dance and snapped up their last two bottles. Spent another $5.53 off my gift card but no out of pocket spending.

Then, while I was at it, I had to swing through CVS. I had a CVS coupon for $2 off any personal care product expiring on 6/5. They had Pure Silk shave cream on sale for $1.99. I don't really need the shave cream but my daughter will use it AND CVS was giving a $1 ECB when you bought it. So...

I essentially got paid to buy the shave cream. $2 coupon gets adjusted down to the price of the item and I walked out paying NOTHING but got the $1 ECB. I don't see anything I'm really going to NEED at CVS this month but I'm planning on using some ECBs this weekend to buy my newspapers.

Today I have manicotti cooking in the crockpot and sirloin thawing in the refrigerator and I'm off to work.

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