Tuesday, April 5, 2016

B2B Training Weeks 13 to 16 of 18... Life

Time has gotten away from me and March went by in a blink. Boston is now less than 2 weeks away. I only realized it after I started receiving the emails and final letters. Same goes for Big Sur. My March calendar is still on my refrigerator. I suppose I should turn the page.

Here's my training summary from what I've written on my calendar.

Week 13
This was to be a rest week after being on the struggle bus during Week 12.

Sunday (3/6) - Zero miles. Rest day.
Monday (3/7) - 3 miles.
Tuesday (3/8) - 6 miles.
Wednesday (3/9) - 10 miles.
Thursday (3/10) - 5 miles.
Friday (3/11) - Zero miles. Rest day.
Saturday (3/12) - Zero miles. I worked overnight on both Thursday and Friday night. I thought about running once I woke up Saturday afternoon but then decided I would rest. I was scheduled a boatload of hours at work the next week due to everyone else being out of town for Spring Break so I thought I'd knock out my long run on Sunday. So, I took Saturday off too, reasoning that this was suppose to be my "rest" week.

Overall, I felt pretty good this week.

Week 13 - 24 miles

Week 14
This was going to be my killer week. I jumped in with a "OK, here goes..." attitude.

Sunday (3/13) - 12 miles. This was my day off and plan had been to go 20 miles. It was going to be a nice easy run and I hadn't been needing any water for my 10 milers plus I hate carrying a fuel belt so the plan had been to run a 15 mile loop through the rolling hills south of my house then get a drink of water and a GU at the end of my driveway before finishing with a 5 mile loop north of my house. Well, the weather got warm. Like really warm - temps in the 70's and sunny. It was a beautiful spring day. I started my run around noon and quickly realized I was going to need water. I ended up cutting the 15 mile loop short at 7, got my water and GU, did the 5 mile loop and then I was DONE. Like put a fork in it done. I was too hot; should have hydrated earlier and more often. I moved my long run to my next day off.

Monday (3/14) - 5 miles. Worked 9 am to 5:30 pm and had a reasonably uneventful day. Got out almost on time. The skies started clouding over and spitting rain by the time I got home so I ended up going to the hamster track and cranking out 5 miles. The first mile felt awful but I warmed up after that.

Tuesday (3/15) - Zero miles. I was scheduled 9 to 5:30 again and I had planned to run after work again. This is always difficult as, usually, I am totally trashed after my shift. Today, again, was a very reasonable day and I was all set to walk out the door at 5:30 pm... but then the bus unloaded. The whole ED, hallways, and waiting room filled to a ridiculous volume between 5 and 5:30. The charge nurse asked if we should try to call another doctor in. Well crap. It would be another hour before someone would get here, provided we even found someone. For some reason I still felt surprisingly energetic so I ended up staying for another 3 hours and tabled my run.

Wednesday (3/16) - 20 miles. Day off and a perfect day to run, except for the wind advisory with 30 mph winds. My main goal for the day was to get my 20 miler in. I did. 10 miles out and 10 miles back with two bottles of water and three GUs. Not fast at all (3:33) but given the wind and the hills, I was satisfied.

Thursday (3/17) - Zero miles. Scheduled rest day. Worked 9 to 5:30 again. Decided I was leaving on time today even if the place was on fire; luckily it wasn't. Got home in time to watch IU play basketball in the opening round of the NCAA tourney against Chattanooga.

Friday (3/18) - 3 miles. Easy shake out miles on the road. Legs still a bit heavy from Wednesday. Went to work in the evening at got home around 3 am.

Saturday (3/19) - 5 miles.

Week 14 - 45 miles. I have to admit I was feeling pretty badass about getting all my miles in this week with a full work week.

Week 15
This was to be another big run week but I actually ended up having the whole week off work without asking for it off. I suppose that's since everybody is now back in town and I work part-time hours but worked a full time week last week. Woo hoo for me!

Sunday (3/20) - 5 miles.

Monday (3/21) - 5 miles. Yes, this is suppose to be another big mile week but my right foot is really hurting me. I'm pretty sure now that I have a stress fracture in my foot as it hurts with any weight bearing. I just try to think about other things when I run but I am trying reduce what stress I can on my foot.

Tuesday (3/22) - Zero miles. I was going to do my 20 miler today so that it would be 6 days between long runs, just like it would be between Boston and Big Sur but the day was windy again and I kept putting the run off until it was too late in the afternoon. Mentally I wasn't in it.

Wednesday (3/23) - 20 miles. G had rehearsal in Carmel from 1 pm to 8 pm so I decided to do my 20 on the Monon. It was STILL windy with gusts of 20 mph. I know that running it on the hills by my house in the wind would be better for me but I couldn't do it. I ran the pancake flat greenway trail that was protected with trees for most of the way rather than running past open fields. It was overcast and cool. As the wind blew in my face I kept thinking of it emptying my mind...just empty my mind... don't think about my foot, run easy. 20 done in 3:21. I guess I'm ready as I felt completely recovered from my long run last week.

Thursday (3/24) - Zero miles. Planned rest day.

Friday (3/25) - 5 miles. Thought about going longer but didn't want to stress my foot.

Saturday (3/26) - 5 miles... because I wanted 40 for the week.

Week 15 - 40 miles. Part of me says I should have done some more long runs but I'll take it.

Week 16
My real Spring Break and a planned drop down week where I dropped WAY down...

Sunday (3/27) - Zero miles. Flew to Florida.

Monday (3/28) - 5 miles. 5 wonderful miles on A1A at around 9:30 pace. It used to be for years and years that this is where I'd start my running season - in Florida, somewhere on A1A. My in-laws always winter in Florida and rent a condo in Fort Pierce. We would come down for Spring Break and I would start running... on A1A, Ocean Blvd, Atlantic Ave, or some other variation of road name that follows the beach. I'd start running one, then two, then three miles a day. Jump to 5, then 7 then go back and forth with some lower miles... all to train for the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon (half-marathon) the first weekend in May. If you do the math, that's a month of training. Then I'd be disappointed every year that I didn't run as fast as I wanted...and now, here I am again, starting to taper for two iconic marathons. Irony?

Tuesday (3/29) - Zero miles. My foot hurts.

Wednesday (3/30) - 5 miles. It was raining so G and I hit the hotel fitness center. More like, we rolled ourselves in there. We've been eating a ridiculous amount of food and felt we HAD to exercise! Ran just under 9:30 pace.

Thursday (3/31) - Zero running miles, gads of walking miles. We spent 14 hours at the Magic Kingdom. We got there at 8 am when the gates opened and left at 10 pm after the fireworks. I was hobbling by then but so was the rest of my family. First thing I did when I got back to the hotel was fill a trash can with ice water and soak my feet.

Friday (4/1) - Zero running miles, more walking miles. After the "Disney marathon" on Thursday, my husband changed our Fast Pass times to a bit later in the morning as he felt we couldn't get up at 6 am to get on the 7 am bus to get to Hollywood Studios when the gates opened at 8. We "slept in" until 8:30 and made it to the park in time to see our first scheduled show at 10:30 am. After that, it was another HOT day (temps to 90 degrees) of walking and standing in line. My feet started hurting almost immediately. Thankfully we did more sit-down shows today and got back to the hotel by 10:30 pm... so only an 11 hour day in the park.

Saturday (4/2) - Zero miles. This was our recovery day before flying home Sunday morning. All of us slept half the day, then mostly laid around the hotel room catching up on email, reading, and watching NCAA basketball... all with our feet propped up.

Week 16 - 10 miles

So now it's Week 17. Time to get ready to go. I'm caught up on my thoughts and just praying my foot holds together!

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