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10/13/17 - What I'm Buying This Week

It's grocery deal time again! I've fallen off the meal planning bandwagon lately and all the eating on the fly and drive thru has played havoc on my stomach. This week it's back to focusing on stocking up the pantry and doing more home cooking. I like to do most of my grocery shopping on Thursday and Friday since the new grocery ad cycle in my area starts on Thursday so I hit the stores yesterday.

First great deal was actually at Walmart and it's an ongoing deal - so not tied into any ad cycle. I'm not a Walmart shopper but there is a "new" store (granted it's over a year or maybe two old) that's on my way to Meijer and Kroger (which are next to each other) and my credit card is offering 5% back in rewards points for Walmart purchases this quarter so that was my incentive for venturing into the store.

Best deals I found...

Well Yes! soup for $1. It's $2.19 at Meijer and $2.99 at Kroger. Plus, there is an insert coupon out for $0.75 off (SmartSource 10/1/17) and the same coupon is available as a printable at, so $0.25 soup!

Paid $1.98

$0.25 after coupon!

Next deal was on Rana pesto for $1.74. It's $4.99 at Meijer and Kroger. There is an insert coupon that came out this past weekend (10/8/17) for $1 and the same coupon is available as a printable at $0.74 for pesto, can't beat that! The coupons don't expire until 12/31/17 and this is Walmart's everyday price so I'll be enjoying pesto for the next several months.

$0.74 after coupon

Next stop was Meijer. They have some pretty good 10 for $10, get the 11th item free deals his week. Plus, hubs upgraded my cell phone a couple months ago so I was FINALLY able to get on Ibotta and I've been redeemimg deals like crazy there. Did two transactions as I like to make sure my 11th free item rings up the way I want it and the shorter receipts are easier to scan.

Transaction #1
(4 ) Hormel Natural Choice Snacks    $1 each
(2 ) Pillsbury crescent rolls    $1 each
(2) Larabars   $1 each
(2) Starkist Tuna Creations   $1 each
1 lb baby carrots   $0.00 (11th item free) these were my 11 items for the 10 for $10, get the 11th item free deals, then...
dozen eggs  $0.49
celery   $1.99
bag of Lacinato kale   $2.69
shallot   $0.30
Muir Glen tomato paste   $0.91
Minute Rice   $1.79                              
- (4) $1 off Hormel Natural snacks  (yup, they were free after coupon)
- $1/2 Pillsbury refrigerated rolls
- $0.50/2 Larabars
- $0.50 Muir Glen               
$12.17 + $0.14 tax = $12.31

All for $12.31

Submitted for $0.50 back on the Muir Glen and $1 on the Pillsbury from and $1 on the Starkist from Ibotta so got another $2.50 back.

Transaction #2
(4) Progresso soups   $1 each
(6) various Pillsbury refrigerated rolls   $1 each
Fage crossovers yogurt   $0.00 (11th item free)
... I made sure the Fage rang up last as the free item because I had coupons for all the other items and the register won't let you use a coupon on a free item.
- $1/4 Progresso
- (3) $1/2 Pillsbury refrigerated rolls


Submitted for $1.00 back from Savingstar for the Progresso and $0.50 back from Ibotta for the Fage. I didn't know if I'd get credit from Ibotta for a free item but I did so another $1.50 in the bank for me!

Other Meijer mPerks deals I got credit for...

$3 off your next purchase when you buy $10 in Pillsbury refrigerated products
- credited for $8 so far; actual spending $4 (not counting money I'm getting back)

$2 off your next purchase when you spend $10 on Progresso Soup
- I had a small credit going in so now I'm up to $4.74; actual spending $3

Made Moroccan Lentil Salad for lunch. Recipe HERE.

Moroccan Lentil Salad

Today I went back to Meijer to finish off the Pillsbury and Progresso deals with some more coupons that I dug up.

loaf of Meijer bread   $1.09
(6) Progresso soups   $1 each
(3) Pillsbury crescent rolls   $1 each
Yoplait custard yogurt  $1
4-pack mini Naan Stonefire bread $0.00 (free 11th item)
-(2) $1/3 Progresso soups
$1/3 Pillsbury refrigerated rolls
$0.25 Yoplait custard yogurt

Total $7.84

Earned a total of $5 in mPerks credits for my next order. I'll probably go back and get some more 10 for $10 items that I don't have coupons for including Naan Stonefire and Starkist Creations.

Next stop was Kroger. They are having another "Buy 4 Get $4 Off" Mega Sale this week. I spied my favorite cashier working the self checkout so I loaded up...

*are Mega Sale items
*(8) 24-ct Stayfree Pads @ $2.99 each
*(4) 72-ct Huggies Wipes @ $1.99 each
*(4) Kellogg's Special K cereal @ $2.99 each
*(4) Laughing Cow cheese wedges @ $3.59 each
*(2) Herbal Essences @ $4.99 each
* Arla spreadable cream cheese  $2.69
* So Delicious coconut milk creamer  $1.99
(2) Muscle Milk bars @ $1.50 each
(8) Larabars @ $0.90 each
(6) Enjoy Life chocolate bars @ $1.39 each
Noosa yogurt  $1.99
- $24 Mega Sale discounts
- $2.69 free Arla Kroger eCoupon
- $1.99 free Noosa Kroger Free Friday eCoupon
- $1 off $6 Kroger natural foods
- (4) $2/2 Stayfree
- (2) $1/2 Huggies
- (4) $1 Kellogg's Special K
- (4) $1 Laughing Cow
- $2/2 Herbal Essences
- $1 So Delicious
- (2) $1 Muscle Milk
- (4) $0.50/2 Larabar
- (2) $4/3 Enjoy Life
$31.71 + $2.81 tax = $33.52

Can't beat $33.52!
I had $59.87 in register discounts and coupons

$11.27 of the total is for donations this month. Donating the Stayfree and Huggies wipes. I haven't posted my monthly donations in awhile but I've trended towards donating Health and Beauty Aids more than food items now as I was told these are in demand because people can't use food stamps for things like this. After coupons but before tax the Stayfree was $0.99 a pack and the Huggies were $0.49 a pack. I may go back and get more next week.

The Herbal Essences was a request from my daughter. Larabars too. She loves them but wanted to try a bunch of new flavors. The Enjoy Life chocolate bars were $0.06 each after coupon and qualified for a Savingstar offer. Savingstar gave me credit for spending $8.34 on Enjoy Life products. I'll get $4 back when I reach $12. I'm up to $10.34 because I got $2 in credits for watching a 30 second video on their site. Also submitted for $0.50 back on 2 Larabars and got 400 Kellogg's Family Rewards points for the 4 boxes of cereal.

If I hadn't seen my favorite cashier I probably would have broken this up but this guy scanned all 25 coupons without batting an eye. Yay!

Dinner tonight is Spinach, Ricotta, and Tomato Stuffed Chicken Breasts. Recipe HERE.

Spinach, Ricotta and Tomato Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Feels good to cook again and stock up my pantry.

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  1. Love these posts. Great deals and fabulous recipes. My husband and I were able to take advantage of a deal for a prescription at Meijer. I had several coupons for a 25.00 gift card if you had a new or transferred prescription at the Franklin store, which is the closest store to us. We had a new grandson a month ago and were asked to get our TDAP boosters so we both got them and also both got a 25.00 gift card. My husband used his for gas and I used mine for a sweater and a pair of leggings. It was so much fun!