Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Food Drive Fun

Oh the stuff I do to indulge my children. Actually, I think I was itching to go shopping anyway...

G told me last night that she needed a bunch - preferably a hundred - individually packaged breakfast items for a food drive. The music students at her school were having a contest on which class brought in the most stuff and, apparently, as long as the item was sold at the store as an individual item it counted as one item  - like a box of 6 granola bars only counts as one since it's ONE box, but if you brought in 6 individually sold granola bars it counts as SIX items. Not sure about the fairness of this but, sure, I can play that game.

What I really wanted was free Suave body wash from Kroger. I'm down to my last bottle of body wash. Kroger has Suave body wash for $1.99. If you buy two bottles a Catalina coupon for $2 off your next order will print when you check out. I also have Suave body wash coupons for "Buy One, Get One Free." So... buy 2 Suave, pay $1.99 + tax, get a $2 coupon. Essentially the body wash is free, especially if you have a way to "roll" your coupon and buy something else that you need. The "need" for breakfast items solved that problem.

G had mentioned that one of the kids had brought in 20 Powerbars and it counted as 20 items. I looked at those. Kroger was having a Mega Sale where if you bought 10 Mega Sale items you'd get $5 off instantly at checkout. Powerbars were $0.50 a piece at the Mega Sale price... BUT! right next to them were the Odwalla bars. They ended up $0.17 a piece at the Mega Sale price (regular price is $1 a bar). DING DING DING!!! I found my breakfast item.

Ended up with 110 Odwalla Bars and 7 bottles of Suave body wash for $18.30. Actually ended up a bit money ahead on the Suave because one of the cashiers rang the free Suave coupon at it's maximum value of $3 instead of the actual $1.99 value, plus I'm getting $2 back from Savingstar for purchasing 2 bottles of Suave. I should have ended up with 8 bottles of body wash but the first time I tried to "roll" the $2 Catalina coupon I had two more bottles of Suave in my transaction and apparently the Catalina won't print out another $2 coupon if you buy Suave and use the Catalina you already have on that transaction. The cashier couldn't give me my coupon back and the transaction was already completed so she ended up giving me one bottle and refunding my money for the second bottle, so I didn't end up with any more money out of pocket but got shorted a bottle of body wash. Oh well... after that I bought the Odwalla 20 and 30 bars at a time and alternated using the $2 Catalina and buying Suave on the transactions where I didn't use the $2 coupon.

$18.30 out of pocket for everything.
Will get another $2 back from Savingstar

We're keeping 10 Odwalla Bars and donating the rest plus I'm stocked back up on (free) body wash. The Odwalla deal expires tonight (11/16/16). The Suave body wash Catalina will print through 11/23/16 so if you can find some Suave coupons get yourself some free body wash. Even without the coupon it's a pretty good deal as it ends up $1 a bottle.

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